Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Can't help Myself..

This is totally off-topic, but I just can't help myself, it tickled my funnybone so much. Today's Free Press, had an absolutely fabulous front page for the Today section. An entire front spread dedicated to enlightening women about the fashions this fall that you simply cannot be without. Every self-respecting woman will be wearing boots that go over the knee, or even higher. It's just sooooo chic.... Except, that not one of the accompanying photos of "to die for" bootwear, was anywhere near that height. Every pic in the spread was calf-high, tops...
I giggled like a schoolgirl. I still am.. They couldn't find one example of the trend they are trying to push.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Knowledge, Faith Asimov

I'm just beginning this blog, so please be patient with me. My goal is to discuss traditional media and digital media. In particular I will likely most often write about my thought process in relating to my work, so I thought I'd begin by talking about the painting on the right, Knowledge, Faith, Asimov.
This is my latest finished work, and it combines a variety of media. As with most of my painting, the focus is on the discussion of theology and science. One of my favourite quotes is from Isaac Asimov, and for me it sums up man's dilema. "Man knows enough now to kill a billion men in a single day, by an act of his will, but is not yet capable of understanding what lies behind that act of will." Asimov, 1962, The Genetic Code. Written in 1962, it is still true today. It blew my mind when I read it, and knew I had to work with that somehow. This painting is mostly traditional media. There is some digital transfer in the background of the circuit board. I generally like to work with a variety of media, and while I normally do more digital work and combine it into traditional media, I do not restrict myself to a particular way of working. The unique thing about this work is the spine. It is 3 dimensional and acts as a `divider` for the concepts of faith and science. Yet being the spine, it is an integrated unit of the body, so brings these two concepts together, in the way that we must deal with these ideas as a society.